Types of Braces

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are what most people picture when they think of braces. Although they are still made of stainless steel, the brackets themselves are smaller than they were in the past and have become more popular over time. They remain excellent at moving teeth with precision and achieving a long-term stable result.

Aesthetic Braces

Aesthetic braces are broadly similar to traditional braces but are more cosmetically pleasing clear or tooth-coloured brackets. They are popular with adult patients and older teenagers due to their aesthetic and inconspicuous design.

Invisible Braces - Invisalign

Also a popular choice of treatment due to their inconspicuous design. A series of clear, removable aligners are custom-made specifically for your teeth. The aligners are replaced every 1 -2 weeks so that your teeth gradually move little by little, week by week, towards the projected final position.

Our philosophy for choosing the right brace

There’s nothing quite like that moment when those braces are removed for the last time. While making the right choice of brace is therefore an important decision, whatever brace you choose you can be safe in the knowledge we will provide a first class result.

Other Appliances Used

Functional Appliances

A functional appliance consists of an upper and lower removable appliance that is used to reduce an increased overjet (where the upper front teeth protrude in front of the lower teeth). Only when deemed necessary, functional appliances are usually fitted prior to the fitting of fixed appliances. For example, in a small number of cases a functional appliance may be needed for a short time prior to having braces fitted.


Following the removal of the braces, there are two types of retainers available which work to hold your teeth in their new position. 

1. Removable retainers are usually worn overnight and are made of clear plastic.

2. Fixed retainers consist of a small metal wire that is glued onto the back of your teeth and is not visible at the front of your mouth.

You will be provided with retainers at the end of your treatment for which there is no extra charge (unless you need replacement retainers in which case we may need to charge a small fee to cover the cost of lab fees) .